Translation Service

   Other than offering professional interpreters, we also provide document translation services from Thai to other, leading international languages, such as English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean; and vice versa. We also certify translated documents, and can arrange document translation with certification from consulate and/or embassy.

We provide translation service in different media formats

General and business documents

Letters, contracts, minutes, certificates, company regulations, list of shareholders, presentation slides, and official documents, etc.

Print and Digital

Company brochures, manuals, the introduction of new products, websites and software applications etc.

Audio and video transcriptions with translations

Transcriptions and translations from a range of languages of advertisements, international conferences, and news.

Document translation fees/rates

type of document language

Approximate price

(with certification)

Approximate price

(without certification)

official letter/commercial registration/ tax

documents/company's business documents/personal certification etc.

(depends on amount of content)

TH <-> JP 8xx THB/A4 page 800 THB/A4 page
EN <-> JP 8xx THB/A4 page 800 THB/A4 page
TH <->EN 8xx THB/A4 page 800 THB/A4 page
TH <->CN 8xx THB/A4 page 800 THB/A4 page
TH <->VN 8xx THB/A4 page 800 THB/A4 page

technical documents/factory documents/medical device

TH <-> JP - 800-1,200 THB/ A4 page
EN <-> JP - 800-1,200 THB/ A4 page
TH <->EN - 800-1,200 THB/ A4 page